YouTube Asked To Remove 1,000 Sports Clips

October 27, 2006

A digital rights company representing sporting bodies has asked YouTube to remove about 1,000 videos for copyright infringement – and believes there are as many as 10,000 more illegal clips on the website.

At what point does YouTube become boring and uninteresting as it’s content gets sucked out? At what point will Google be unable to maintain and improve YouTube as it is overwhelmed with takedown requests? Maybe that’s the strategy all along. Bleed ’em dry and max them out with work. YouTube, your 15min of fame is up. Time to move on to the next hot thing.

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TiVo Coming To Cox

August 24, 2006

Finally Tivo does something really smart. They should completely forget their hardware and focus on licensing their technology to other box makers. This is where the money is and the real value is in the software.

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School Admin wants access to student cellphones

July 8, 2006

According to a new policy at a high school in Framingham, Mass school officials can seize students cell phones at any time and look through it’s contents. Officials are trying to stop the sale of drugs and stolen goods. Students are crying foul and invasion of privacy. If you have illegal activities happening at your school on a regular basis, it’s going to take alot more than snooping on cell phones to get control of it. Kids will find a way to get business done. If cell phones cannot be used, there will be another way. This is classic treating the symptoms instead of the root cause. I’d be pissed too if I were a student.

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Great Pearl Jam Interview

June 30, 2006

Off topic, yes, but i’m a big Pearl Jam fan and there is a really good interview from Rolling Stone now available on-line. Very interesting. It’s good to see the guys come out from their hole. The latest album is fantastic.

Happy Birthday To Podcasting on Itunes

June 29, 2006

Apple is celebrating the 1 year anniversary of podcasting on iTunes. My God, has is been that long already? Well we haven’t gotten very far in a year. Most of the top programs listed are corporate and old media. Completely lost are the smaller indie podcasts, just as was predicted. I still use iTunes as a podcast client only because it can bookmark any podcast as you play it. But I don’t usually find new podcasts via their directory.