The Boy Scouts and the MPAA

October 24, 2006

Another great and insightful post from Dave Slusher. The battle for the next generation of Internet users is on. What are we going to call these guys, the YouTube/Google generation? The GooTube generation?

Here is a link to the pdf describing this program.


The Best Marketing Campaign Ever

October 17, 2006

Cisco has launched a new marketing/advertising campaign called “The Human Network”. I first saw it as an ad on tv and I actually went back (thanks Tivo) and watched it a second time. When is the last time you did that? What a fantastic tv ad. Then I saw it on-line and today I have found the main site. They are also now getting Internet industry luminaries to help define what is the human network. In fact, anyone can submit a story about what the human network means to them. The main site has lots of inspiring and interesting content on it. Nowhere do I see an ad or data sheet for a Cisco router. This is about branding and it works.

In-Game Advertising

October 13, 2006

Ozgur Alaz has a nice post on in-game advertising.

YouTube Video Advertising

August 22, 2006

It’s finally here. YouTube has started video advertising, allowing ads on the site that include video. It’s only natural, no big surprise here. They have, however, created something kind of cool in Brand Channels, wherein advertisers can have their own channel to push all their stuff down. The first such channel is…….The Paris Hilton Channel. Of course. Paris, remember, was also one of the first commercial podcasters when she was promoting her House of Wax movie. Let’s hope marketers don’t just shove the same old crap they serve us on tv and radio down this hot new medium.

Shawn Fanning Rises Again With Snocap

August 2, 2006

Wonderkid Shawn Fanning of Napster fame is back and his new technology is called Snocap. There is a preview out now that allows artists to sell music on sites like Myspace. The embeded player could be put anywhere, even on a blog. From the player, you can purchase tracks and you can get unrestricted MP3’s. Price and any DRM restrictions, if any, are decided by the artists.Snocap Logo

This could be a real threat to iTunes as an open format like MP3 would allow customers to put songs on any player they like and being able to sell music anywhere on the web is far more wide reaching then iTunes. For indie bands especially, this is a great thing but large established artists may stick to the tride and true iTunes model and Apple’s promotion machine.

Don’t Give The People Want They Want

July 30, 2006

News that some record labels are delaying the availability of digital downloads, sometimes for weeks and weeks. Here are all these people waiting to give you money and you act like you don’t want it. And this is distribution on iTunes with DRM and everything. You don’t think that track is already on the P2P networks anyway. I don’t understand the logic of waiting on digital release. Some fans are actively telling others to go get the tracks they want off the P2P networks. If you will not make available what people want on a legit basis, you will force them into illegit practices. The fact is, many people are not going to go down to their retail store and pay for a CD. I know it hurts, but it’s the truth and the future. How the music industry can continue to frustrate and piss off it’s customers is amazing to me. I never saw that in any of the business books I ever had.

Robert Scoble On Second Life

July 17, 2006

Former Microsoft and now just Tech Geek blogger Robert Scoble has some interesting points about the on-line world Second Life and doing business. I think he is right, the key may be the linking of Second Life and real world products. But the problem I see is Second Life is still very much a geek phenomenon. I’m not sure how or if it will every get to the masses because right now the software to run it is much to hard to use. Eric Rice also has some very interesting things to say about Second Life and technology in general.

Second Life Image