Google and YouTube Sitting in a Tree…

Internet video king YouTube is so valuable it’s almost impossible not for them to sell. But it will take someone with a good deal of cash and moxie to pull it off. Enter Google. Google has been trying to enter the video space for the past year but their Google Video offering has been panned by most observers. So, if you can’t beat ’em, buy ’em. Purchasing YouTube would rocket Google to the top of the on-line video market. It would also give them lots of juicy video content to sell Google Adsense off of. I think it’s a great deal for Google to do and I just hope when/if the to get YouTube, they don’t screw it up. Years ago, Google bought then leading blog firm Blogger and since it’s died on the vine. So far, Yahoo has done a much better job of integrating their purchases into their overall product.


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