Underground WiFi in Haifa – You Can’t Stop Intel

Intel has an R&D center in Haifa, Israel where they make the Centrino among other things. With Israel being a country constantly in conflict and sometimes under attack, Intel equipped the R&D center in Haifa with bomb shelters. Not only that, the shelters have a wireless WiFi network underground. You might think this is to keep in contact with the worldIntel Logo and it is, but it’s also so they can keep working. Never mind a few bombs falling, we have a deadline. Even now, as Hesbola attacks Haifa in the current conflict, Intel employees are working away. Only essential staff were in on Monday, but other companies like Microsoft has it’s employees stay home.

Maybe I’m a soft American, but if bombs start falling here in Southern California, the last thing I am thinking about is work. Kudos to the Israelis, they’re tough as nails.


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