Non Cross-Platform DRM Sucks!

June 30, 2006

A big screw you to VH1 and their vspot video on demand technology. It only works on Windows and with Windows Media Player. Have we talked about this before?! Yes, we have. Yet another offender. Not that I am so desperate to watch your crap, but in principle, platform specific DRM sucks. Please stop it!


Great Pearl Jam Interview

June 30, 2006

Off topic, yes, but i’m a big Pearl Jam fan and there is a really good interview from Rolling Stone now available on-line. Very interesting. It’s good to see the guys come out from their hole. The latest album is fantastic.

Apple to release TiVo Killing “AppleVision” set-top box

June 30, 2006

No way this product is called AppleVision. That’s the lamest name ever. But it’s about time Apple put out a set-top box. They have all the pieces and the great industrial design to pull it off. Tivo is toast anyway, but this would be a great shot across the bow to Microsoft and their Windows Media Center PC’s.

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File Sharing Insurance

June 30, 2006

Here is a company that will sell you insurance in case you are sued by the RIAA for music piracy. Wow. Can I also get bank robber insurance? If I rob a bank and get caught, they will pay off the fine and send someone to do my time in jail? Cool!

Microsoft “Ultimate” Keyboard

June 30, 2006

You should be very careful to use the word ultimate, there’s really no going back from there. What happens when you have the ultimate version 2? I guess the ultimate wasn’t so ultimate was it. This smells of another over hyped Microsoft product. It even has an over the top flash video with all kinds of promises. Hey, will it put my kids to bed? It’s just a keyboard, don’t overdo it boys.

From the marketing copy (this is for real)

Can a keyboard create its own mood lighting? Respond to you? Enlighten you? Move with you?

Dude, I don’t want a keyboard, or any other piece of technology that moves with me. I don’t even know what the hell that means and I don’t like the sound of it. Just do your job and input characters.

Government Intervention Is A Bad Thing

June 30, 2006

Remember all those scary sci-fi movies about the government knowing everything that you ever did or thought? It’s coming true. This is bad stuff. Just exactly how much personal freedom and privacy are we willing to give up in our efforts to catch the bad guys?

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Blog Spam Worse Than Email Spam

June 29, 2006

I have already deleted 196 spam comments to this blog.  Thank God for Akismet. I think I am getting more blog spam than I am email spam now. Either way, they both suck and are completely ineffective a I blow them all away before anyone, including myself, ever looks at them. It makes the junk mail I get in the mailbox look like child’s play.